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Study: Tempur-Pedic (R) Helped Pregnant Women Sleep More Comfortably

Here's the Tempur-Pedic (R) press release on their recent study on the effectiveness of the Tempur-Pedic (R) mattresses for making pregnant women more comfortable:

"Tempur-Pedic (R) Swedish Sleep Systems(R)Provide Relief to Pregnant Women

Wednesday June 21, 4:00 pm ET

Study Participants Report More Quality Sleep, Less Discomfort

LEXINGTON, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 21, 2006--Tempur-Pedic (R) International Inc. , the leading worldwide manufacturer, marketer and distributor of mattresses and pillows in the viscoelastic and premium categories, today announced that pregnant women who slept on a Tempur-Pedic (R) Swedish Mattress(TM) fell asleep faster, slept longer and felt more rested in the morning compared to traditional innerspring mattresses, according to a recent study conducted by Preston-Osborne Marketing Communications and Research for Tempur-Pedic (R) International, Inc. The women also reported that after sleeping on The DeluxeBed by Tempur-Pedic(TM) , they experienced less discomfort while lying down to sleep and felt less daytime drowsiness.

Significant Findings:

Ninety-five percent of the study participants reported improved sleep on The DeluxeBed by Tempur-Pedic.

Seventy-five percent of women reported falling asleep in 30 minutes or less while sleeping on The DeluxeBed by Tempur-Pedic (R) (up from only 40 percent on the traditional innerspring mattress).

The average number of hours slept increased from 6.25 hours to 7.15 hours.

Ninety-five percent of the women reported feeling more rested in the morning from sleeping on The DeluxeBed by Tempur-Pedic (R) versus their innerspring mattress.

Nine out of ten participants would recommend Tempur-Pedic (R) to friends and family, whether they were pregnant or not.

The women who participated in the study were entering or near the beginning of their third trimester and slept on innerspring mattresses prior to the study. The women were 40 years of age or younger, had experienced sleep discomfort due to pregnancy and were not considered by their physicians to be at significant high-risk for pre-term labor. They kept sleep journals detailing the effectiveness of the mattress in aiding onset to sleep and sleep comfort. "Tempur-Pedic (R) provided the women in the study with much-needed rest and relief during a time when many women feel that comfort and sleep are elusive luxuries," said Dany Sfeir, senior vice president of marketing. "The body-conforming support of our proprietary TEMPURŪ material experienced by these women can provide any consumer with an enhanced sleep experience."

Tempur-Pedic (R) beds are temperature sensitive, breathable and viscoelastic. These properties enable this material to remain firm where needed and soft where desired, creating a custom fit for each individual. Through the use of weight and heat to distribute pressure over the entire surface, the bed automatically adjusts to body size and provides body-contouring support for a restful night's sleep."

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