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Staying Awake at the Theatre Just Got a Little Harder

Came across this post from the Leeds Today Evening Post (UK) - as if staying awake at the theatre wasn't hard enough:

"One small step for giant leap for theatregoers

SPACE-AGE seats will prevent theatre-goers at the revamped Leeds Grand from suffering from "numb bums".

The theatre, which is nearing the end of the first phase of a 31.5m transformation, will boast special foam designed for astronauts when the new auditorium opens in October.It is thought to be the first theatre in the country to install "memory foam" in its seating. When someone sits on the foam, it conforms to the individual shape of their body and only slowly bounces back to its normal shape after being compressed.Originally developed for long-haul airline pilots and to help ease acceleration for astronauts, the viscoelastic foam has also been used to make mattresses and pillows.SpecialistsWarren Smith, general manager of the Grand, said: "We sat down with the seating specialists AJ Owen of Cleckheaton and discussed the problems inherent with the seating in a building of this age."Lateral thinking produced the idea to use this new technology and to the best of our knowledge we are the first theatre to do so."Coun John Procter, Leeds City Council's executive member for leisure, said: "This is an imaginative and cutting-edge innovation which will greatly enhance the theatre experience." 27 June 2006"

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